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Tie Extenders

The tie extenders allow you to take any size Little Giant Form Tie and create a longer tie. We sell our 10 1/2", 11", 12 1/2", 13" and 14" in hundred ties or less bundle to make it easier for you to assemble longer ties.

To the right is a slideshow showing the Tie Extenders in use. There are 21 photos in all. There are pictures of 11 foot walls using 20" ties as well as photos from a pour using two extenders and three 12" Little Giant Ties to make a four foot tall, 36" by 36" column.

We will even assemble ties with extenders for you at no charge.

How do Tie Extenders work?

1. Take the first form tie and put the Tie Extender in between the tie wires

2. Push toward the end of the tie to seat it into place

3. Take the second form tie and turn it the opposite direction with the knots on opposite sides and seat it into place

4. Your form tie is ready to use